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Poems and Words  

When we had our baby,
We joined a group
As lots of new parents do
Playgroup, Mums & Tots, Postnatal too.

We meet once a month
And together we are sat
Sharing our stories
Cup of tea and a chat

But our group is very different
No baby by our side
Just us, parents of angels
Only each other as a guide

Because as much as you try to tell people
Just exactly how it feels
How everyday is a struggle
How time never heals

They just don’t seem to get it
How could they understand?
They have their children with them
Their future, they have planned

You see, this is our place
Our pain we can show
No hiding behind a smile
As our friendships grow
So if your baby is in heaven’s nursery
And you know our pain
Please come and join us,
We all feel the same

We all know the heartache
From having your baby taken away
Not able to kiss & cuddle them
A feeling of total dismay

And in our darkest hour
In one thing, we unite
Even in all our pain
We won’t give up the fight

So here we all gather
All our babies’ different ages
Mums and Dads together
Our grief at different stages

This is our group,
Its name is SANDS
Mums and Dads of Angels
All holding hands.

Corin & David. For Jess
  Sands Charity
  Designed by WSW & TheFarmFactory
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